Phillips360 Wins A Tulsey Entrepreneurial Award For Interactivity
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Phillips360 recently received a Tulsey Entrepreneurial Award for their high quality work in the category of interactivity. The award is reserved for companies local to Tulsa, Oklahoma that show creativity and innovation in user friendly design and functionality.

The Tulsa awards program is meant to honor local companies that rise above and beyond average work, bringing new revenue to the Tulsa area and putting the city on the map. Phillips360 has been a major player in web design throughout Tulsa and the surrounding area for a very long time.

Phillips 360 has been a leader in web design and interactivity products for many years. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company’s high quality design work made them an obvious choice for the Tulsa award for interactivity. Phillips360 is proud of winning the award and has every intention of living up to the stature that goes with it. The company is constantly looking into new technology and staying up to speed with web design standards, as well as discovering new ways to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Phillips360 Wins A Tulsey Entrepreneurial Award For Interactivity

The Tulsey Awards were developed as a way to honor local businesses and entrepreneurs from the Tulsa area for their quality work, dedication to their line of business and their economic success for both themselves as well as the local area. The program offers awards in the categories of interactivity, arts/entertainment, civic, engineering, green, restaurateur, serial and young. The organization also offers an award for executive of the year as well as service provider of the year.

Phillips360 took home this past year’s Tulsa for interactivity. The company specializes in web design, but also goes above and beyond into 360° virtual tours, web development, identity development, photography editing, graphic design, and print design and production to name a few of their services. Phillips360 has offered their skills to countless organization as well as many national companies. The company offers everything in web design, from basic setups to fully dynamic and largely interactive web designs.

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